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IV Hangover Las Vegas

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Hangover IV Services, Las Vegas

Are you looking in Hangover IV in Las Vegas for your upcoming bachelor or bachelorette party, or an upcoming night out on the town?


The IV Club specializes in high quality, focused intravenous therapies that have been proven to help with the uncomfortable symptoms of hangovers, due to dehydration and damaged cells. Only registered nurses and medical professionals administer our tested and approved treatments, and our services extend to both mobile and in-office visits. The IV Club strives to meet or beat our competitors’ pricing for Vegas hangover IV, and even provide a complementary health consultation upon your first appointment with us.


Effective Hangover IV Service in Las Vegas


The IV Club provides the best hangover cure in Las Vegas due to our carefully chosen blend of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in each of our treatments. We are dedicated to exclusively using top-notch vitamins and practices that have passed rigorous testing and approvals. Because our fluid combinations bypass the digestive system entirely through an IV or injection, most of our clients claim to feel the difference in as little as 45 minutes, and our therapies continue to replenish and nourish your body, often allowing you to experience continued benefit for up to two weeks!


In addition to our superior hangover IV service in Las Vegas NV, The IV Club has a comprehensive list of treatments that treat an array of aggravating symptoms, including:


  • The Myers Cocktail

  • The Hangover Fix

  • The Inner Beauty

  • NAD+

  • The Virus Fighter

  • Recovery & Performance

  • Energy Boost & Fat Burner

  • Injections: Glutathione, B-12, B Comp, Fat Burner, Amino Blend, Vita-C, and Mineral Blend


The Best Vegas Hangover IV Service

Don’t miss out on your chance to ‘wow’ your party guests and friends with The IV Club's unique and effective IV infusion in Las Vegas NV! Our therapies extend beyond hangover solutions, making our services a perfect fit for anyone, any time, anywhere! To learn more about hangover IV Las Vegas cost and our unique mobile IV service in Las Vegas call us at the number below.

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