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IV Drips Las Vegas

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What Are IV Drips?

IV drips can diminish and eliminate uncomfortable and troublesome symptoms. Every single cell in our bodies depends on water. Each cell is made up of 60% water, so when we’re dehydrated, our whole body suffers. Through just 30-45 minutes of focused intravenous treatment we can alleviate symptoms caused by conditions like hangovers, cold, flu, migraine, body aches from exercise and heat exhaustion, morning sickness (although we recommend a note from your OB), and many more. 


Only registered nurses/medical professionals administer our treatments. Our intravenous fluids are a combination of vitamins and minerals, nutrients, and electrolytes that have to meet rigorous standards and approvals. As the Cleveland Clinic says about IV rehydration, “[It] is a simple, safe and common procedure with a low risk of complications.”


When you come to our clinic for IV drip infusion therapy, you can expect to fill out some brief paperwork and have a conversation with a nurse on staff about your ailments and hopes for the treatment. The nurse or concierge can walk you through our IV drip options and help you choose what is best. 


After selecting your IV drip, you’ll have your choice of comfy seating where you’ll spend the next 30-45 minutes. A nurse will mix your solution, add it to the IV bag and bring it to you. 


After inserting the IV into your forearm, the nurse will make sure the bag, tubing, and needle are secure before letting you relax as the bag of fluids empties. After the bag empties you’re free to go. You should feel much more hydrated and energized!


*A note for those worried about needles- the IV solution poke is incredibly small, and our skilled nurses will talk you through the process if you ask. They are highly trained and fantastic at making the process as comfortable as possible. Once the needle is inserted and secure, you shouldn't feel it at all. You might feel a slight cold feeling as the IV infusion drip begins, but that will only last a short time.

Different Types of IV Fluids & Their Uses

Myers Cocktail

iv bag fruit_edited.png

Our own rendition of a famous wellness remedy for respiratory ailments such as asthma, sinus irritations, and seasonal allergies. It has also been known to help a much wider range of ailments, such as hyperthyroidism, depression, chronic stress, congestive heart failure, angina, low immunity levels, hormone imbalances, and more. 


Ingredients: Magnesium, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Vitamin C

the hangover fix_edited.png

The Hangover Fix

Replenish all of the critical fluids and electrolytes that you lose while drinking and partying, and it will immensely diminish dreaded hangovers. This special IV package will help keep the party going; with top-quality vitamins, you will start feeling your best again.


Ingredients: Ondansetron, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Magnesium, zinc


Inner Beauty

Glow from the inside out with luminous hair and healthy skin & nails. This is perfect for your big day or an occasion where you want to be looking & feeling your best!


Ingredients: Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Biotin.



NAD+ benefits living cells in many ways, in that it acts as fuel for critical biological processes, including:

Setting your body’s circadian rhythm, or internal clock

Converting food into energy

Repairing damaged DNA

Fortifying cells’ defense systems.

$599 -

The Virus Fighter_edited.png

The Virus

Your body needs a baseline of fluids to clear out toxins and keep your organs functioning. During an illness, your body requires even more fluids to mount an immune response and maintain a Higher metabolism. The Virus Fighter IV treatments provide your body with the vitamins, antioxidants, and hydration that you need to fight off your illness.


Ingredients: Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Zinc

the hangover fix_edited.png

Recovery & Performance

One of the most common reasons for fatigue and exhaustion is dehydration. Since you probably just sweated a ton of your body fluid, you may not have enough left for optimal performance and health, leading to difficulty with concentration and a lack of energy lethargy.


Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid | B Vita Complex | Amino Blend |  Mineral Blend


Energy Boost &
Fat Burner

IV therapy helps recharge your cells and improve mental clarity by supplying the body with fluids, vitamins, and other nutrients in energy production. After this IV drip, you’ll have boosted your energy, kicked your metabolism into higher gear, and with your body functioning better you’ll have higher performance in exercise, fewer cravings, and boost your immune system.

Ingredients: B1,B3 100mg B2,B5,B6 2mg : Glutamine 30mg, Arginine 100mg, Ornithine 50mg, Lysine 50mg, Citrulline 50mg




We have top quality Vitamins at The IV Club. We also do our best to keep our prices competitive. Check out our great selection, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch.

Glutathione: $30

B-12: $25

B Comp: $25

Fat Burner: $30

Amino Blend: $30

Vita-C: $20

Mineral Blend: $30

Anyone can benefit from more hydration, especially when in the desert here in Las Vegas. Most people first learn about IV drips when trying to find a solution to a sudden and particular problem, such as a hangover or virus. When drinking fluids and other remedies just aren’t cutting it, IV drips can get more hydration, vitamins, and nutrients into your blood system more efficiently and effectively. By skipping the digestive tract, you save time and feel better much sooner. Even for ailments such as the common cold, which have no “cure,” IV drips can help you almost instantly feel better because you won’t be suffering from dehydration. You’ll also replenish nutrients and vitamins that you’re missing to help you rebound faster.

Other clients, however, learn of IV drips through doctor recommendations and word of mouth for more long-term struggles, such as arthritis, long-term muscle pain, skin irritations, general aging aches and pains, athletic performance recovery, and more. 

How Long Do IV Benefits Last?

It differs for every body and even for each person it can differ from visit to visit. The IV drip replenishes and nourishes your body, and depending on your diet and exercise, you can maintain that level of nourishment for a week to a couple of weeks before possibly feeling a dip again. Other factors like metabolism, age, immune system response, and more can factor into this. Our best suggestion is to find what routine works best for you and your body’s needs, and we can help you in the process of figuring out exactly the right fit and routine.

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