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How Does IV Therapy Help in Curing your Hangovers?

IV Hangover

IV hydration has been effectively helping people with curing hangovers. The common symptoms of hangovers are headache, fatigue and nausea and the standard remedies for hangovers include intake of water, vitamin B, and Zinc and taking pain relievers. IV drip is a shortcut that cuts down the digestion of medicines and works more effectively due to the fast assimilation of nutrients from the components.

Since alcohol is a diuretic that causes more urination and reduces electrolytes, it necessitates more hydration. It is also necessary to replace the lost electrolytes if there is vomiting. IV hydration helps in replacing the lost electrolytes and provides hydration. It is true that IV hydration offers the best results when compared to other methods for hangovers.

Components of IV drip for Hangover

IV hangover cure is offered through IV drips usually containing Saline solution, Vitamin B, Magnesium, zinc and an Antiemetic drug. Keep reading to find out the function of each component.

Saline solution: Saline solution is a combination of water and Sodium chloride(salt), which helps to improve hydration.

Vitamin B: It is a well-known hangover remedy that helps to reduce fatigue and improve energy. Vitamin B1 facilitates the liver to efficiently break down alcohol, thus helping in removing it.

Magnesium: Magnesium is necessary for bodily chemical reactions such as the muscular system and nervous systems and the consumption of alcohol, removes it through urination. The replenishment of magnesium helps reduce headaches and muscle pain.

Zinc: Zinc helps in metabolizing alcohol twice the times faster as it converts ethanol into acetaldehyde. Zinc helps in the strengthening of the immune system, healing and sensitivity to taste and smell.

Antiemetic drug: An antiemetic drug such as Ondansetron helps in the treatment of nausea and vomiting. Ondansteron helps in improving the body’s capacity to eat.

Benefits of IV drip for Hangover

IV drip helps in removing toxic substances of alcohol from the body. In addition to curing hangovers, the IV drip also serves in improving immunity and energy and vitality. The components of IV drip also help in improving cognitive function. Hangovers mainly involve dehydration and IV drip has a saline solution to provide hydration.

Precautions for IV treatment for Hangover

The IV drips are invasive treatments, therefore there is an increased risk of developing infections, redness and vein inflammation. So it has to be administered by registered nurses. Also, there could be a problem of overdosage of vitamins. IV drips are not suited for people with kidney problems and heart problems and they must receive medical approval before getting IV hydration.

Also, the cost incurred for hangover treatment will not be covered by the insurance therefore it needs to be paid on one’s own.


IV hydration helps in faster recovery from hangovers. While it is necessary to take care of precautions, the IV hydration hangover treatment offers several benefits while treating hangovers. Thus, IV hydration helps in making recovery from hangovers, easy.

At IV Club, Las Vegas, Nevada, we offer smooth IV hydration for hangovers through registered nurses. At only $200, the Hangover IV Las Vegas cost is the least and most affordable at The IV Club. We offer both mobile and in-office treatments. We use the best iv fluid for hangovers and the duration for each IV drip is about 30-45 minutes. Our hangover cure in Las Vegas includes an optional free consultation from a medical professional on the first visit.

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